About Author Queen Esther Ezimuo

Author Queen Esther Ezimuo
Author Queen Esther Ezimuo
Author Queen Esther Ezimuo

Queen Esther Ezimuo is a passionate lover of God, who hails from Abia State in Nigeria. She is a dynamic principled Motivational speaker, relationship Coach, Biologist, Cosmetologist, entrepreneur, influencer, Singer, and inspirational Blogger.

She’s the founding president of QueenstarTV.com – a Platform dedicated to guiding and teaching the general public ways to have blissful Relationships/Marriages and also to make impacts on essential core Values that drive Success in Careers and other areas of life.

Queen Esther is an Author and a conference speaker who is involved in mentoring, empowerment, leadership development, etc.

Queen Esther Ezimuo CEO Queenstartv com
Queen Esther Ezimuo CEO Queenstartv.com

She believes that a Better Society and Nation start from the Family (Marriage), and a broken home cannot make a better Nation. So her passion is to see that broken homes are mended into blissful Healthy Families and to educate singles on how to avoid toxic mistakes that lead to broken relationships and marriages. 

Her passion to see successful relationships and Marriage has led her to author a wonderful book titled “26 Nuggets for a Successful Relationship and Marriage”. This book gave special insight into important practical keynotes one can apply to have a blissful Relationship and Marriage.

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Queen Esther E, has been divinely used by God to transform the lives of many. And One unique thing to note about Queen Esther Ezimuo is, you can’t meet her and remain the same. There must be a positive change or impact.

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