Biblical Reasons Why You should Never Mock Your Husband

Never Mock Your Husband

It’s really heartbreaking the way most women say nasty things to their husbands without knowing the Biblical consequences.

I have seen so many women who pretend to be Angels in churches, most of them honor their pastor respectfully but their husbands are treated as slaves by them.

You can not be loyal to other men and disrespect your own husband.

As a woman, Submission is very important and it’s not a punishment because you will be greatly rewarded by God who instructed you to do so.

As a woman, you must understand that, your husband is your Head and therefore, He deserves more honor from you as his wife than any dignitary anywhere.

You must learn to always welcome him like a king in his house.

The home should be where he refreshes himself before going out to face the world; help him to feel refreshed. Make him always happy to return home, and not the other way around. Never make yourself a nagging wife before your husband because it’s dangerous. Real Love speaks Peace.

It’s so sad how Some men spend long hours at the office and it’s never because they are working but because they want to spend less time at home. Don’t make your home like that

It is a terrible thing for a wife to mock her husband. The Bible says you are to submit to your husband as unto the Lord (Ephesians 5:22). If you mock your husband, you are mocking your own head and if it is not well with the head, it cannot be well with the body. Your husband’s current financial state doesn’t matter, don’t mock him. Even when he makes a mistake, do not mock him. There are certain blessings that can come to you through your husband, but if you keep mocking him, the blessings will not flow from him to you.

Let’s take a look at a Biblical instance. On that fateful day when David had danced so much for God, the anointing on him must have been special. He was coming home to bless his family, which included Michal and Her barrenness could have ended that day but, instead of a blessing, she got a curse by saying her husband danced foolishly without shame.

Your husband is the priest of your home; he is representing God in that home· It is dangerous to mock a representative of God.

You need to make a commitment to always honour your husband

Reasons Never to Mock Your Husband.

  1. Your prayers will be Hindered.
  2. You will be Coursed instead of Blessed.
  3. You will be frustrated in bitterness.
  4. You will lose your Husband to another woman.
  5. Every Door for Favour will be closed against you.

I Hope this article Blesses you.

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