How to Identify the Test of Love in a Relationship

Identify test of Love in relationship

Love is a beautiful thing but the true test of love is known in times of bitterness and ugliness. Love is defined as a deep feeling towards someone. So many times, love is described as a state of happiness but the truth remains that love is not all about the excitement and enjoyment all times, a true test of Love is identified in times of Pain, bitterness and sadness. 

A lot of people who are in various relationships and professing love to each other don’t really mean what they say because, when the real love is to be shown, they won’t be found there. This is the reason for so many heartbreaks and Divorce in this present time.

Real love is beyond the beautiful words you say to each other while professing your love.

Saying “I can’t live without you”, “my world is a beautiful place because of you”, ” You are my world” etc. All these are nice but what happens after the spark is gone?

Why would someone who just professed his or her love say to the person they claim to love, “Cursed be the day I met you”, or “You are the worst decision I made in life”.

Some will even leave the relationship or marriage without any sense of guilt and the question is,

What happened to all those moments of excitement and love in the atmosphere?

True love can never be tested only by words. Love is beyond the feeling and emotions attached to it.

The test of true love in a relationship is not identified in how long your phone calls lasted, How passionate your kisses were or how great your sex was with each other, it is more than that.

Note: A true love is never identified when everything is beautiful and smooth but when things are tough. It’s so sad how fairy tales make love so sweet and rosy in most movies we see.

However, If love happens to be all sweet and fun, there won’t be any need for the vows at the altar saying “For Better or For WORSE”, “For richer or POORER”, and above all, we hear “in Health or in SICKNESS.” It’s very easy to get someone to stick with you for Better, than in your worst times. People will associate with you in wealth, than when you are broke. Everyone desires a healthy partner, it’s really challenging to find the person who is willing to stay when you are sick.

Not everyone who walks with you during the sunshine will be willing to walk with you during the rainfall. Relationships and marriage needs partners who will be able to stay no matter the situation for better or for worse, in wealth or poor, in sickness and in health.

Irrespective of your status, we all go through some sad phase in our lives once in a while.

It’s very vital to be sure if the person who says I love you can really stand with you in good and bad times.

Ask yourself these Questions before you make a commitment with them.

  • Will they be there when you lose your job?
  • What if you have health complications?
  • What if you lose one of your legs or go blind will they be there?
  • What if You are unable to conceive a Child?

A true test of love is indeed identified when the bad times come up, those times of lack and want.

Whenever you truly find someone who never gets tired of your excesses, tolerates your bad attitude and they still love you and are proud of you despite your weakness, shortcomings, arguments etc just be sure that you’ve really met the one who loves you.

A true love built on marriage should only be separated by Death and not Disease, not disappointment and regrets.

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