Your Partner Has a Weakness

Your Partner Has a Weakness

Do you know you can safe yourself from unnecessary pressure and heartbreak knowing that your partner has a weakness?

Of couse yes you can!

I have counselled a lot of persons and I realized that, relationships tends to end not just because of the strength partners posses, but their weakness. But the truth is this, as long as we are human, we are absolutely imperfect beings.

It doesn’t matter how nice or amazing you think you are, you also have a bad side and that’s your weakness. Weakness is not something anyone can shy away from because, everyone has it and it’s something we can’t do away with no matter how we try and that’s why it’s important to marry someone who accepts your weakness as well as your strength.

There is someone who will love you for who you truly are, and will accept you completely without reserve.
Please note this, Anyone who accepts your weakness and imperfections will love you passionately, will stick to you, commit to you and spend the rest of their lives with you. But anyone who sees your strengths alone will not.

The truth is that, it is easier for people to leave you when your weakness begins to play out without turning back.

It is a necessity you marry someone who believes in you, pray for you, support you as a Soulmate because, they understand your imperfect nature as a human.

Marriage is a lifetime journey and I advice, go for someone who accepts you the way you are, and it is important you make your spouse your best friend.

Not everyone who walks with you during the sunshine, will be willing to walk with you when it’s raining. People who accept you completely will stick with you even in your weakness.

Note: The greatest happiness in life is knowing you have partner who treats you just the way God treats us. His love for us is unconditional. (Romans 5:8) explains it.

If you want to have a peaceful and enjoyable relationship or marital journey, please go for someone who knows your weakness but still loves you unconditionally.

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