5 Things Men Badly Wants from Women

Things Men Badly Wants from Women

As a woman, your concernment shouldn’t base on loving a man and wanting to spend the rest of your life with him without having the basic knowledge of what your man expects from you as his woman.

Courtesy of this article, you will be enlightened on the five basic things men badly wants.

This was quite a difficult thing for me previously, I often asked myself this very question, What Do Men Really Want?

Understanding your man and what he wants, is key to having a beautiful, loving and lasting relationship. Not knowing this secret, has caused a lot of problems for many women even after staying for years with their partner.

However, some women feels it’s actually a thing of the mind to know what their partner wants, I totally agree with that. Some men may never want to tell you right away.

In the quest to giving your partner the love and all he needs, he really wants you to read his mind.

However, this article will not only help in building your relationship, it will help you maintain a happy Marriage.

Below are the five Things Men Badly Wants from you, Giving them to him will make him more connected and stay glued to you.

1. He Wants to feel like He is a man indeed

As much as this may seem hilarious, this is profound. Man wants to feel like the men they truly are, they want to be in charge, they want to help you as your hero.

You see, most men often act so confident and comfortable but deep down their hearts, they feel insecure just as most women.

A man feels more confident knowing he can provide, help and protect you. Sometimes, it’s wise to ask your man for help intentionally and once he helps you, give him a smile and say thank you. He may never tell you to do this but he really wants it badly.

Men needs lots of reassurance just to know that he is really doing a great job as a man. He wants to know that you trust his judgments, you admire him, he makes you feel good and that you look up to him in so many ways.

Let him know that he is knowledgeable, loving, smart and Brave. Your man wants to feel like a champion in your life and sometimes, the best way to begin is by telling him how much of a man he is and how much you love him.

2. He wants you to make Him feel wanted

Everyman wants to feel loved, valued and cared for. I see lots of men who seem to pay no attention on their appearance or health until a woman comes into their lives.

When dealing with men, you need to be very knowledgeable because, some men are just like Babies who desires their mothers closeness and care. A man wants to feel desired or wanted by you. Check him out before he leaves the house, ask him questions about his health and work, nothing makes men really happy than knowing that their women care about their lives.

When I started my relationship with my partner, I had to make him know that I love him and he is my representative. In fact, I had to pay close look at every clothing he puts on just to let him know that he needs to look good for me and of course, we represent each other in every aspect. You can start by helping your partner dress, while you observe and most importantly, whatever you do, make sure it’s done in love, never make him feel less of himself for any reason.

3. He wants your Support Badly

Support is very important in all relationships. We all crave for the good support from our loved ones in chasing our dreams and hopes.

No matter how successful a man may look, he will always desire the support of his partner and that’s why, when it comes to going for what he loves, his dreams or passion, your man needs your support.

However, supporting your man may not necessarily be financially, he wants you to agree with him and be assured that you have his back. He wants you to trust and believe his decisions and build with him. Also, you can assist him financially if you can as his woman but first of all, believe his vision and stand with him.

4. He wants to Confide in you

No man is an island has been a popular proverbs with a profound meaning.

Your man Needs your security. Your man craves for your safety just as you do too.

There are a lot of men living in bondage due to the fact that, they can’t disclose their information with their partner either because, their partner will spread the information or they will use it against him in future.

Your man wants to be able to open up to you, to know that you care about him and that you won’t leave him because of what he shared with you.

He wants a reassurance that he is not alone. He wants to know that he got your back at all times and he emotionally and mentally count on you.

This includes giving him an emotional support whenever he feels vulnerable or less a man, when things are not working out, he wants to be reassured that he is safe with you.

5. He wants Intimacy

Yes, he wants to get intimate with you at all times, and the truth is, men wants Sex.

Now sex on this preference, is strictly for married couples. I preach about sexual purity knowing that, sex outside marriage, is against the creators rule or law and going contrary to this law will attract some punishable consequences from God.

However, apart from the fact that your man wants sex with you, he wants to feel much connected to you.

This is something he is unlikely to tell you.

Of course, over the years, men are expected to always act strong and show no weakness but the truth still remains, they want you.

Find out what turn him on, tell him how amazing he is on bed, appreciate his body stature, help him build confidence in himself.

For some men, kissing and cuddling during sex may be the one way they connect the more.

This doesn’t mean that he just wants sex and not you.

To him, sex may not just be a physical pleasure, it’s about him wanting to feel closer and connected to you.

I believe this article was quite translucent, read through every points again and make your relationship/ marriage the best.

Kindly drop your comments below.

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