What Do Men Really Want in a Relationship?

Men Want this in Relationship

It’s frustrating being in a relationship with someone without knowing what exactly the person needs from you.

I’ve had so many women who come to me for relationship advice and counselling complain bitterly about their men and not knowing exactly what to do.

The truth is this, this article is essential for singles and the married.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about what men want in a relationship to help save your relationship/marriage, you are welcome.

Have you lost a relationship because you never knew what to do or what men really want in a relationship? You are welcome as well.

However, I’m going to be sharing with you the Three Basic Needs of a Man in a Relationship.

3 Basic Needs of a Man in a Relationship


Taking a close look at the first need of a man, You will discover that a man needs a shoulder to rest on too. Society has made it look like a man is supposed to carry every burden and load without breaking down but that’s wrong because a man is a human and he needs a woman who can believe him enough to support him. 

A man needs a supportive woman who believes in his vision and that’s why it’s important as a woman to know exactly what drives your man. knowing this, will help you support him in accomplishing his goals. Everyman is really looking for that dream girl who is smart and Resourceful. 

Let’s take a biblical look at this, (Gen 2:18) “And God said for it’s not good for this man to be alone so therefore I will make him a helpmeet suitable for him. The word Helpmeet means supportive, to be in line and work with your man just like Adam and Eve in the Bible. 

Build your personal effectiveness and develop yourself to become a suitable Helpmate for your man. Build yourself to become more of an Asset than a liability to your man and watch him flaunt you around like his Gold.


Loyalty generally means Respect, Devotion, Commitment and Faithfulness. Nothing boosts a man’s confidence than knowing that his woman Respects him, Keeps to her words and Honors him like she should.  

Can your man feel safe in trusting his life to you as his woman?

Can he go to work knowing that his heart is safe with you?

Can he trust your Yes to be a Yes Really?

No real man takes a woman’s Submission for weakness. 


Speaking of gratitude, this is the state of being grateful or thankful.

Show me a woman who is grateful for what her man does and I will show you a man who is willing to do more for her.

If there is one thing I know men detest, it is an unappreciative spirit. Ungratefulness, this is one major attitude some women exhibit which has made so many men stop taking steps to put smiles on the faces of the women they love today.

Gratitude does not have to be done big, as little as “thanks Darling I love this”, “God bless you richly for me Baby”, this can change a whole lot for you in your relationship because men loves to be appreciated for anything they do, it helps massage their ego as men to do more.


Men Really want to see their woman happy because of them but, you have to give him the reasons to do so by simply appreciating his previous efforts.

Stop nagging, start saying thank you more often, make him feel like a real man and he will make you his Queen for life.

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