My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me What Should I Do?

My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me What Should I Do

This is one of the questions many ask after having a heartbreak from the person they truly love.

I believe this is a good question because “a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage”.

The truth is that so many people are in a relationship with someone who tolerates them instead of loving and celebrating them, oh how sad.

People who run to relationship experts early enough have about 85% to save themselves from pain and unnecessary heartbreaks. “My boyfriend broke up with me, what should I do?

So what should you do if your boyfriend breaks up with you or intends to do so?

This is not the first time you would be experiencing heartbreak and probably may not be the last. If your boyfriend had to threaten to break up with you before now and you could only see him trying to change and love you comfortably, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you can’t force a man into staying with you when he has already made up his mind to walk away for good.

This simply means he has his heart longing for something you are not measuring up to. Nobody just wakes up and decides to walk away from a relationship without proper thought about it.

Some people come complaining about how their boyfriend threatens to break up with them. If your boyfriend says he wants to break up with you, this simply means that his mind is made up and you will keep getting hurt over again.

It’s painful seeing the person you want to spend your life with, not finding you attractive anymore, and walking away.

The problem is not just apologizing and asking him to come back but finding out what made him leave in the first place.

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However, if you accept this boyfriend of yours back into the relationship without finding out what made him leave in the first place, and settling things with him he would still leave again. The question is, for how long do you wish to keep chasing him to be with you?

You have to stop acting desperate and think about your life. What do you want?

You are to be loved and accepted and never the other way round.

If as a lady you don’t value yourself, No man will see any value in you.

Don’t ever plead with a man or boyfriend to stay in a relationship with you if he doesn’t want to.

Get yourself improved and developed and make him desire you as a woman. No man does you a favor marrying you.

Nevertheless, you need to understand that you are in a relationship and not a marriage. If at the relationship level you still beg a man not to leave you, what about in marriage? As stated earlier, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

So, if your boyfriend broke up with you without any genuine reason for doing so, oh just know that you are lucky to have him go now than in marriage.

In conclusion, if your boyfriend broke up with you without cause, be glad and work on yourself, get busy and become a person of great reputation and think of getting depressed and regretful.

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