How to Know if Your Partner Loves You

How to Know if Your Partner Loves You

Are You Wondering If your partner really loves you or not, this article has it all covered.

Everyone deserves to be loved and treated right, especially from the very person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Oftentimes, people say they love while their actions speak the opposite. True love is noted by one’s action and not mere words.

However, the big question is this: How Do You Know If Your Partner truly loves you? What are the signs that show that Your Partner means it when they say they love you?

Well of a truth, identifying Someone who truly loves you is never hard to do.

Below are some signs to look out for.


When you are with a person who truly loves you, seeing you and being around you will always be a thing of joy to them no matter how inconveniencing it might be to them because you are their joy and happiness. They will call you video calls, stare at your pictures, or anything that makes them remember you when you are away from them. They never do all this probably because they feel insecure but because you mean the world to them. If you are in a relationship with anyone who doesn’t ask to see you, feel excited about meeting you or rescheduling the next time for your next visit, check again if the person truly loves you, especially if you are in a distant Relationship


Attention is the primary sign which shows a person loves you. Never believe someone who says they love but not willing to spend some time with you, this attention involves a true Communication.

Despite how busy a person is, they can never be too busy that they won’t communicate. Hearing your voice should always be a thing of joy for your partner no matter how horrible your voice sounds. Whenever your partner starts giving excuses about being too busy to call you or take your calls, just know that the Love is beginning to drop down.


When someone loves you it’s often obvious in the way they make you feel. You need to ask yourself, “Are you an option or a Choice they’ve made”?

What do you really represent in their lives?

If you are a choice, they will treat you as the best thing that ever happened to them but if you are just an option then you can be replaced even without your knowledge because, you won’t be valued as you deserve in their lives. Be sure of your place in any person’s life before giving your all.

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Anyone who loves you will be concerned about your life and your well-being, your safety, your plans, your past, what makes you happy, everything about you because they see you as part of them. They are often the first to notice the change of mood, when you are happy or sad because you are a special being to them.


Anyone who loves you sincerely, will be happy and proud of you for being yourself and will never try to compare you to anyone else because they love you for who you truly are.

It’s sad having a partner who wants to Change everything about you, the way you laugh, the way you talk, they are never satisfied.

Anyone who loves you will appreciate you for being yourself and will be grateful for any effort you put in making the relationship work.

Though, It takes Billions of people to make the world complete, but to anyone who loves you, it takes just YOU to make their World Complete.

It’s never difficult to know the one who loves you, but it’s your job to discover the right one who will love you like God did in John 3:16

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