The Major Killer Of Trust In Relationships

The Major Killer Of Trust In Relationships

Trust remains one of the most important remedies for a successful Relationship. Everyone wants a person they can trust and rely on as a partner. In order to be regarded as someone trustworthy or someone worthy to be trusted, it is an advantage and a plus to your Integrity.

Trust is just a life wire capable of driving away any form of doubt, fears and gets you covered with assurance and security because, anyone you can trust, you can rely on.

One of the major killers of trust in a relationship is ‘Lies’. Unfortunately, so many people start the relationship by lying. I have seen a lot of persons who lie about everything including their personalities, families, educational qualification, relationship status, jobs, Health etc. These set of persons pretend to be who they are not and yet they demand to be loved and trusted against all odds.

I see no point faking what can be real. When you lie to your partner, what happens when they discover the truth?
No matter the innocence in telling a lie, it is a trust killer. You don’t necessarily need to lie about your income as a man just to impress or keep a Woman. It’s Best telling your partner the truth and accept the way you are. When you lie, you are indirectly calling yourself a Disappointment and no Relationship can survive on lies.

However, I’ve seen a lot of persons lie about their age just to keep a relationship going, probably because they don’t want to be seen as young or old. Age doesn’t make a person responsible, Maturity Does. Maturity is highly Needed especially during a misunderstanding between both partners.

Also, there is no point lying about your past life or previous relationship. We all have a past life, the past doesn’t define us. Anyone who wouldn’t accept your past and love you for you is not worth sharing the future with. You need someone who considers you precious and irreplaceable, who is willing to build the future with you.

Any relationship built on lies has no future because the end product is betrayal and hurt. The more lies you tell, the more you tell to get yourself more covered.

I’ve discovered one of the reasons people tell more lies is because they don’t trust themselves to be the best in what they have or do, so they have to lie to appear better. Trust is the first step for any relationship leading to marriage or for an existing marriage already.

We all desire a blissful relationship but it doesn’t just happen, you need to do the needful by staying true to each other. When a trust is broken, it’s very hard to earn it back.

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