Marry Your Opposite

Marry Your Opposite

Speaking of marrying your opposite, I presume this is not your first time hearing it. Marriage is beautiful and everyone craves to be married one day, but without the essential knowledge and preparation, Marriage can turn Sour.

marrying your opposite in the other words, is not about marrying a person who you are not physically, emotionally and spiritually compatible with because, Marriage is for a lifetime.

However, When asked to marry your opposite, these points should be considered.

Two persons in marriage are not supposed to be mad at the same time.

Are you easily angered, then you don’t need someone who gets pissed off easily too but rather, you need someone who is patient and slow to anger.

Our Dear God so designed relationships in a peculiar way that, if one is weak, another should be strong to uphold the other in agreement just as recorded in Amos 3:3

A man and a woman ought not to be insane at the same time. If the man and woman are mad at the same time, they have every tendency to bring down the whole building at a glance due to annoyance which will definitely end in regrets later.

It is highly advisable for anyone trying and believing to get married to understand this. In terms of temperament, go for your opposite. If you are cold, Marry someone who is hot.

But never marry a person with the plan to change them in future, probably after you must have married them. And also, be mindful of someone who tries to change you into becoming who you’re not, try as much as you can to be flexible to adapt but not to the detriment of losing your spark in the process.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, If You are the same with your partner, there is always a tendency to compete with each other logically and otherwise, which will eventually lead to arguments and depression because nothing will be satisfying to You.

I have seen a lot of relationships broken because of this. This is why you are advised to marry your opposite.

If you are hot tempered, then you need a partner who is not hot too.

If you love to talk, you need a person who is willing to listen to all you have to say..

If you are good in mathematics, marry someone who is good in English for the sake of your children.😊

Relationships are best enjoyed when we admire and appreciate the differences in each other..

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