How Prepared Are You For Marriage?

How Prepared Are You For Marriage

Never let Anyone Pressure You into a marriage you are Not prepared for, no matter how genuine the reason is.

Marriage without a proper preparation or readiness, is a DOOM for life.

You don’t Prepare For Battle in a Battlefield, you prepare before getting to the battlefield. The same is applicable in marriage: you don’t prepare for marriage on your wedding night, you prepare before going into marriage.

It’s quite unfortunate that a lot of persons have been sent to an early grave because of this single word “Pressure” and Lack of Marriage Preparation.

It’s very dangerous for any single person to get into this phase called “Marriage”, without the sincere readiness or willingness to do so.

Over time, I’ve been privileged to talk to people who want to get married by “All means”. One question I often ask is “WHY”?

Yes! I ask you why because, Your ideology about marriage Matters a lot.

Some people consider marriage as just a place of rest, fun and enjoyment. In every marriage, there are always ups and downs.

Someone came to me the other day, asking if he has the right to divorce his wife, then I asked why?, and he said “the product he thought he bought wasn’t the product packaged after marriage”. Can you now imagine?

I asked again why Did you get married to her in the first place; and he said, I needed to settle down because the pressure from Home was too much and I’m not getting any younger either.

Oh Dear I said. But now you are married you should be happy. He said No he wants a divorce the marriage isn’t working.

Well, Let me save you from the rest of the stories for another time.

Marriage is a beautiful thing but it can turn sour without proper planning and readiness.

But I pray for you reading this article, May God bless your Marriage.

There are a lot of people who feel age is no longer on their side, or probably want to get married because their mates are married. Listen to me, Anything you don’t prepare or plan for, you will end up not completing it. It’s normally referred to as “Rush in and Rush Out”.

Never let anyone pressure you into a marriage you are not ready for no matter how old you are.

Whenever you decide to get married, get married because you want to get married and not because your parents made a marriage arrangement for you.

Live with that decision you’ve made to marry that person so you don’t come blaming someone for your Marital failures tomorrow.

Importantly, before you get married to that person, Make sure you are friends first, understand yourselves, Know your ideologies and beliefs spiritually and mentally before you say I Do.


Let your Heart be Guided by the spirit of God because he alone knows the perfect being for you.

(Proverbs 18:22, Proverbs 3:5-6).

May you Never Have a Failed Marriage in Jesus Name!

FAQS About Marriage 

At What age can someone get Married?

There is never a specific age for marriage but marriage should be considered when you are Ready to take up Responsibility for another person as your husband or as your wife.

Who Should I marry?

I always advise people to Marry their friend. Your friend is someone that knows and understands you better, someone who is never pissed off with your child-like attitudes at times, Someone who is always comfortable around you.

What Qualities should I look out for in a spouse?

Their personal Relationship with God. This includes their Belief System. Their Understanding of marriage. Ask Questions to know their marriage ideology. Examine Your own Desire; It's a decision to make for yourself, ask yourself; Can I live with this person for life, Can you trust, commit and respect that person

There are a lot to Marriage. We believe this article Blessed you, kindly drop your view via the comment section.

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