How to Build Emotional Intimacy With Your partner

How to Build Emotional Intimacy With Your partner

The issue of emotional Intimacy between lovers, spouses can never be outdated because, emotional Intimacy is the foundation of any solid relationship.

Have you lost your Intimacy With Your partner?

Below are some proven ways to improve your connection with your partner.

However, before talking on proven ways to improve your Intimacy With Your partner, let’s quickly talk on what emotional Intimacy is really all about. So many times, when we talk about intimacy in a romantic relationship, a lot of things really comes to the mind such as, physical actions, kissing, sex, cuddling or even holding of hands. Though having physical intimacy is immanent in any relationship, it’s also one of the primary agents that sets it apart from all other kinds of relationships.

What is emotional Intimacy and why is it Necessary?

“Emotional Intimacy can be referred as letting yourself to have a closer and deeper connection with your partner through your actions and having your feelings greatly expressed both in strength and in weakness. One of the most beautiful moments in a relationship is when you are never embarrassed by your partner to share some secrets and fears.

Couples seem more happy and closer when both parties can freely share and understands each other’s feelings.

However, it’s been a known fact that, emotional Intimacy creates a deeper sense of security between couples without any sense of insecurity and suspiciousness. Any relationship without emotional Intimacy is bound to struggle in many ways. For instance, you might be bitter or resentful, you may have lots of fears regarding your partner’s loyalty to you or you may experience the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

There is no sustainable long-term relationship without emotional Intimacy between partners.

For you to have a smooth and loving intimacy in your relationship, you need to invest your time, money and energy into building it while you nurture it to grow.

The proven ways to improve your Intimacy With Your partner

Spend quality time in talking and listening to each other.

Communication is very important if you desire an emotional Intimacy With Your partner. Over times, it’s been discovered that any relationship where couples do not talk frequently and listen to each other’s point of view, that relationship is bound to fail because, communication gives you an ease, peace knowing you are not alone and it’s even more fun where both couple listen to each other’s views, feelings and adhere to some advice.

Start creating time for communications with your partner otherwise, someone else will. This is the major reason most relationships gets cold and bored, no gist, no funny moments.

Be intentional in showing gratitude to your partner

No matter how you have been in a relationship with your partner, keep showing your gratitude and positive vibes around them. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to express how much we care and love but, making it a habit of showing gratitude to your partner through compliments or gifts will always send an information of love to them on how special they are in your life.

It is also easy to start your appreciation speech With words like “I love you so much” , “I feel so lucky having you in my life” or “I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to do A, b or C.

Be strategically flexible to earn their trust

One of the most difficult things to do as a human is to cut down your rights or position for some other person to fit in. No matter how long we spend together, it’s really difficult to break down our personal walls hence, flexibility is really appreciated. Adjusting or bending to suit into a feature you are not but just to make the other person comfortable around you. The truth is that, you may not change another person to become the way you want, but you can adjust to fit in.

Create Quality time together

In other to achieve intimacy easier and faster, you need to spend some quality time together as couple, you can go vacations, take a leave from work and bound with your spouse.

Sexual intimacy is highly recommended for the married couples. You can’t deny the fact that your brain wants you to have sex.

Do not allow your work or kids get in-between your sex life with your partner. Constantly make an effort to place a balance with work and family. Nothing is as painful as your partner needing sexual pleasure from you and you are unavailable or busy, it can lead to resentment, loneliness and union separation.

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