No Man Does You A Favor Marrying You

No Man Does You A Favor Marrying You

The issue of inferiority complex and low esteem in some women can never be over emphasized. This post is aimed at helping you as a woman understand who you truly are and what you represent.

However, this post is not in any way trying to encourage violence and arrogance of any sort from any responsible woman. One thing you should understand as a woman is that you are special and you ought to be treated as one who is special and valued.

Just as stated above, “No man does you a favour by marrying you”. I have seen a lot of women go through domestic violence and abuse because they feel or think they have little or nothing to offer that mentality is wrong.

Proverbs 18:22 says, He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the LORD.

I want you to understand this straight, No man does you a favour marrying you because you are a favour from God to whoever that makes you his wife.

Let’s practicalize this now, Say he that marries you, (insert your name), finds a good thing and obtains the favour of God.

This self clarity shouldn’t make you feel arrogant or disrespectful but rather, the aim of this article is to help you carry yourself with self respect, dignity and humility.

Make sure that any man who finds you has found God’s favor, Peace and an everlasting Happiness.

Kindly note: You become a favour to your husband when you are a suitable helpmeet and not a destroyer.

Women Always pray for your husband, bless him everyday, ensure to give him peace of mind because nothing turns a man off then a nagging wife.

Become the very reason he sings praises to God every day for marrying you.

Make him feel favoured and blessed for marrying you.

Above all, marriage is beautiful when Christ is acknowledged in your union.

God bless your marriage.

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