Why Relationships Don’t Last

why relationship dont last

A lot of us wants to meet and settle with the”¬† Mr. Right” and The “Miss Right”, and of course it’s always a dream to see the relationships of our dreams grow into a beautiful marriage.
However, it’s quite unfortunate as to the reasons why well meaning relationships never gets to the permanent site “Marriage”, sometimes, relationships still gets to the marriage stage and never last long before dissolutions.

In this article today, you will discover most of the reasons why some relationships don’t last.

Every couple is unique and the longer the two individuals stay together, the more complex they are likely to become. However, below are some common and damaging factor behind the reasons why most relationships don’t last.

1. Lack of Trust

Couples who have trust issues never last because, lack of trust is one of the most dangerous and harmful disease to couple’s relationship success. Without trust, a relationship losses its two strong anchors which are Safety and security.

Trust issues may involve the following factors such as, Over possessiveness, emotional infidelity, sexual infidelity, lack of dependability and reliability, jealousy, lack of emotional support and compatibility.

If you know that, you have a trust issue in your current or previous relationship, examine your self right now, was the lack of trust based on pattern of evidence such as broken promises, vows or emotions ( such as jealousy without proofs). Was the lack of trust based on tangible factor or due to an unjustifiable fear.

2. Incompatibility

Lack of compatibility is one of the major reasons why some relationships fail.

There are basically some couples who are not compatible with each other even though they have been together for a long time. So many are trying to work things out, they end up failing.

Compatibility should be considered as one of the most essential needs when entering into a relationship. When couples are not compatible with each other, they tend to drift away easily in the relationship.

3. communication Issues

Communication is a life wire of any relationship and if there is no communication, certainly there is no RELATIONSHIP.

Regular communication is vital for couples and also, it helps in building emotional intimacy between couple. communication is one of the fastest way of bounding more. Poor communication will certainly drift the couples apart.

No matter how long couples have stayed together, they can never know all about themselves.

Communication is very important to couples who wants to last longer together.

4. Financial Issues

Finance is very important in all relationship. There is certainly no full romance without finance. lots of issues can easily be resolved when there is money.

The longer couple stay together in a committed relationship, the greater the possibility of financial incompatibility will increase.

Nothing is as depressing as not having the capability to finance a project for the house.

There could also be a challenge when it’s just one partner¬† bringing the money home.

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