Tips For finding a Godly Marriage Partner

finding a Godly Marriage Partner

Are you in a relationship and expecting it to lead to marriage one day?
You need to know this.

Are you single and praying for a partner?
You need to know this.

Have you been Heartbroken because of the wrong choices you’ve made in choosing a partner?
You also need to know this.

Love is truly beautiful when it comes from God, Marriage is Blissful when God is made the Foundation in it.

However, I have taken time to outline needful information on tips to find a Godly Marriage Partner.

You see, it doesn’t make sense being in a relationship for a long time without that relationship leading to marriage. A lot of relationships that would have led to marriage got dissolved probably because of these vital tips I’m about to share with you today.

Before I proceed, I want to let you know that God loves you and want to see you happy in every path you take in life. But, you can be happier when you make him the captain of the ship, by letting him direct your path just as recorded in the book of Proverbs 3:5-6.

God has good plan for relationships that will eventually lead to marriage and the book of (Genesis 19) gives a clearer view of God’s intention towards marriage.

Proverbs 18:22 says, He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Same is also applicable to a woman who finds a Godly man as a partner, she will be happy for the rest of her life.

Finding a Godly partner is beyond the physical attraction, beauty or Handsomeness, money or even intellectual ability.

The first tip to finding a Godly partner is to Search actively with God.

In finding a Godly partner, you don’t do the searching all by yourself because, beauty is deceptive. Allow God to search with you as you Search, do not sit at a spot expecting a partner to meet you in your house. The truth is this, if you search alone, you will still find something either the real thing you search for or something else which will serve as a distraction. But when God searches with you, the result is always expedient.

Secondly, Set a Godly standards for your life.

Finding a Godly partner begins with you being Godly yourself. Establish a Godly foundation (psalm 11:3) Make sure you are Godly and it is expressed in all spheres of your life before wanting a Godly partner.

Thirdly, Be productively and fruitfully engaged with something.

This is where a lot of person miss it. Adam in the Bible was busy before Eve his helpmeet came into the picture. It’s very important to find your purpose, vision and assignment and become excellent in it. Overtimes, I’ve really come to understand that you can’t have a fellow traveler if you are going no where. You will have fellow colleagues because you are involved in the same assignment as a worker or a student.

Get busy and be productive you will meet someone just like you to help you grow into your best version.

Also, Look out for someone who Shares the same Faith, vision and purpose as you and above all, someone who loves and respects you.

Two persons with the same interest easily flow together because, two can only work together if they are in agreement, and with same assignment (Amos 3:3).

However, Pray to God and be actively committed in the kingdom service Matthew 6:33 but seek First the kingdom of God and everything will be added to you.

It’s important to serve God’s kingdom first with your heart and mind you, you don’t seek the Kingdom only when you are in search of marriage partner, Do it because that’s what God expect from you and only him will reward your effort and crown you with success.

Nevertheless, in searching for a Godly partner, Do Not compromise your standards no matter what.

Premarital sex is an abomination before God because, God honors the bed undefiled and there are blessings attached to keeping your body as a living sacrifice unto the Lord till marriage.

Dress Decently and not stupidly because, you will be addressed as you dress and by their fruits we shall know them.

Make Godly friends, watch and pray.

God help you find that Godly partner in Jesus name!

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