Before you Marry that Person, Think About your Children

Before you Marry that Person

Marriage is beautiful but also know that marriage can turn sour. There are a lot of persons in regrets today due to wrong decisions they’ve made.

It’s God’s agenda for every marriage to be fruitful and multiply (Gen 1:22). You don’t go into marriage expecting unfruitfulness, you must surely give birth to your own child for life to continue.

Here is my point:

A snake will give birth to a snake and there’s no two ways about it. Likewise, an orange tree will produce orange fruits.

I see a lot of children misbehaving today not necessarily because of what their parents represent in the society, but because of the species that came together to form them.

Yes! Let’s be honest here, if you are a liar and your partner is a thief what do you think that Union will produce?

I see alot of young people dating, courting and so on, with people who engage themselves in so many wrong affairs and unfortunately, they get married to them, and they start lamenting, they don’t stay at home, they club, they can’t cook good meals and they can’t provide or care for the children.

Please I don’t mean to be sentimental in this post but someone needs to hear the truth, if the future of your children matters to you, then my advice is think before getting married to that person because, Children must come as a result of that Union.

Do not suffer any child due to your negligence or careless decision in choosing a partner.

Note: Your Children are your produced Results. If you want outstanding children, make sure you are outstanding and your partner is representing.

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