Who Should I Marry?

Who Should I Marry

When it comes to marriage, a lot of people seem confused about who they should get married to.

First of all, the person you should marry must be a person who you can trust, somebody who you feel comfortable telling anything without any form of guilt or shame.

The person you marry has a huge role to play in your purpose and destiny and that is the reason why marrying the right and suitable partner is essential.

However, this article will help answer your question about who you should marry.

As a single person, one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your children yet unborn is to marry the right person.

One of the things most singles do not know is that, Whenever you choose a husband, you are also choosing a father for your unborn children, when you are choosing a wife, also have it in mind that you are choosing a mother for your unborn children.

However, One of the worst mistakes you can make in life is marrying the wrong person. Sometimes, marrying the wrong person may not necessarily affect you or cause damage in your life but will affect the lives of your children.

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Let’s use this, for instance, If you bought the wrong car, you can leave it and get another one, when you get the wrong job, you can forfeit it and get another job, but when you marry the wrong person, you have sentenced yourself to life imprisonment.

Getting married to someone is a lifetime commitment and dedication.

You are advised not to marry whom you love but love whom you are married to. I understand that love is the foundation for any relationship and there are two kinds of love which include:

1. Love the feeling: marrying whom you love comes in this form, love is not just a feeling but is commitment. You cannot be committed to the person you love but you can be committed to the person you get married to.

2. Love the commitment: love is a commitment, not a feeling. It’s quite unfortunate how most people think that marriage is built on love the feeling, but I disagree with that because that’s a wrong belief. It may interest you to know that love by nature is already a commitment, not a feeling.

You cannot be committed to two persons but you can have feelings for many people, so you should love someone you are committed to.

One person’s love can never sustain a relationship or marriage, the love has to come from the two individuals so that the marriage will work.

Most importantly, As a believer don’t marry or get in a relationship with an unbeliever.

You are advised to Marry someone that has the holy Spirit indwelling in them because when the pressures of life come, you will know the power of marrying a believer.

Please don’t lead yourself to an unhappy marriage by marrying the wrong person, because if you do so, you will live in regret for the rest of your life and I pray that it will never be your portion.

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