Major Questions to ask before saying YES to Him

Major Questions to ask before saying YES to Him

This article is aimed at helping single ladies gain proper knowledge of what marriage is all about and also, this article is to help you make right choices before saying Yes to anyone without a proper examination and preparation.

Every single woman at some point in life desires to be married and Cleave to a man just as the Bible records in Genesis 2:24

However, even though marriage is indeed a beautiful thing, it’s never a journey for unprepared persons or children. Marriage is a serious Business and it’s for a lifetime.

It’s easier getting out of a relationship but you can’t just walk away easily from a marriage and that’s how serious it is. My advice is this, before thinking of getting married, you need to be emotionally, spiritually and physically stable and prepared for marriage.

Below are some Basic Questions You should ask yourself before saying Yes to Him.

1. What is His vision?

I have seen a lot of people rush into marriage without knowing what drives the man and it ended in a very sad scenario. It’s very wrong to say yes to a man without knowing his vision. Knowing his vision will help you groom yourself to align with him in that journey.

Ask yourself “How Do I fit in this vision”?

2. Are you a Suitable Helpmeet for Him?

Before saying yes to that man ask yourself how you can be supportive to him. A lot of women go into marriage without any idea of how to become a perfect Helpmeet for their husbands and this has made so many men think less of their wives or consider their opinion irrelevant.

What’s your plan for that marriage?

How can you be supportive as a helper?

3. Do you Have self-control?

Another word for this is self-discipline and this is a very great virtue every young woman should possess before saying Yes. A lot of women have sent their husbands to early grave because of excessive demands of things not necessarily needed or important at the moment.

Discipline yourself and be someone who has self-control, work on your personal hygiene because no man wants a Dirty woman.

4. Does He Fear the Lord?

In as much as there is no perfect human, we have a perfect God and the Bible records that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. No man can love you the way he ought to if he doesn’t fear the Lord. This doesn’t necessarily mean someone who goes to church but someone who fears the Lord in truth and spirit.

5. How sensitive and Mature is He?

Finally, Maturity is never about how old a man is or looks but his sense of responsibility. Maturity is noticed in his ability to handle issues diplomatically, in decision making suitable for both of you and not just all about himself alone because he’s Sensitive to your emotions as well.

Above all, is He Your Best friend?

Can you trust him?

Does He love you genuinely?

Are you his priority or an option?

Ask yourself these Questions before saying Yes to Him. Share this update with below social media buttons to educate others. God bless you.

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